Nice Comments

Thanks Victor Hattem and committee for organzing this event.  While my name appears below, be assured that I deserve little credit as I am just the communications intermediary. 

Following are some nice comments:

From John Christian:

Hola, Leigh -- I just wish to let you know that I won't be able to make it and be there to celebrate with everyone; the more I look at the schedule and everything the more I wish I could go --- I know it will be fantastic! I mean, that will be some 4 days of pure pachangas, no? Of course; right there in the heart of El De Efe! I remember Victor Hattem well, como no. I think that anyone and all who had a hand in the planning of such an event like this one has got to be sort of a genius with putting it all together -- I guarantee! That is quite a feat for anyone to be doing...thanks, again, for sending me the invite....con mis saludos, John

From Lilian Barta:

Hi Leigh

Tks for the info. God Willing Iwill not miss this great opportunity! Have forwarded info to others 60's??

I want to know to whom I can take the Alumni Gazette I did for a few years with lots of info etc.great fotos too( was pres of Alumni Association at that time)

Thank you thank you! 

Made my day??


From Bill Kaplan:

Thanks Lee,

I got Victor's latest...we're looking forward to the reunion and to being back in the DF, for the first time in several years.