2 Hearts AHS Comments

"I recently viewed 2 Hearts.  I did not know until the end that this was a true story (I likely missed that at the beginning).  It is cleverly related, putting 2 generations of strangers together in dire situations.  I applaud the Hools (looks like at least 3 or 4 family members were involved, including for quite a bit of the music).   The Hooligans in the notorious BATS did very well for themselves!  Thanks much for a very good movie."

John Johnson '67

"One Big WOW!"  John Christian

"How exciting!  Thanks for sharing!"  Diane Richmond

"Watched 2Hearts tonight. It’s a real tear jerker and very well done. Thanks for the heads up on the Hools. It’s quite a family operation. I’m not sure who Brett Hool is, but he did most of the music. Is that a son, brother, cousin? When I read about it, it mentioned a couple of women with the Hool name. I’m wondering if they are wives or what the relation is."  Penny Donoviel

"Thanks!  Will check it!  I REALLY LIKED Missing in Action, quite different!"  Chip Gehle.

"Sounds like absolutely perfect timing for Valentine’s Day if it is as romantic as the title implies.  Will check it out.

Thanks,"  Anne Megowan

"Thanks. Congrats to the Hool’s.  Tonight movie of choice!"  Cheri Oquist.