Reunion Report!

Reporting the Reunion:

I will be delighted to add everyone's written and photographic contributions to the site during and after the reunion. I warn you that I am limiting the "Tommy Mount and his Antics" gallery to 10,000 photos. (Here I am, picking on poor Tommy again. I can see the tears welling up in his eyes as he reads this).

Here's how to help record the site, and the reporting/recording is only as good as what YOU contribute!

Bring photos and material from home:

  • I will have a hand scanner with me so I can scan any material you bring.  You will not lose sight of it and can take it back with you!


  • During and after the reunion, email images to and I will upload them to special galleries.
  • DO NOT send me huge images, please, as anything between 100kb and 500kb is fine for the web. At our age we don't need too much detail.
  • Tell me anything you can about the photo, but send the photo even if you don't have a caption.
  • EDIT!!! It is easy to snap off 100 images in your nifty digital camera, but send me a dozen or so GOOD ones.


  • English/Spanish/Urdu are the only languages accepted.
  • Be polite (especially to me!).
  • Sign your email.  If your email addess is or, I don't know who you are. 
  • Break it up into paragraphs.  Please, no long stream-of-consciousness, save-the-world, philosophical treatises.  If you have political opinion from which the world needs to benefit, start your own website.

I reserve the right to edit, lie, prevaricate, exaggerate, extrapolate, opine, poke fun, ignore, and otherwise twist your words into something that will be very embarassing to you!!!!  (for the very literal people out there, I AM JUST K-I-D-D-I-N-G!!!)

Draft list of attendees (The May 28 list does not include those who indicated interest but have not paid):

As of May 28:

Grant Brandon


Greta (Cohen) Cune


Leigh Lockwood


Carl [Ted] Schultz


Peter Bruckner


Joyce Bruckner


Eduardo Unanue



Sally (Newman) Lukats


Mario Gottfried


Alice Gottfried


Rick Cromwell


Tom Mount


Bruce Candland


Maggie Candland


Merry Alt


Juan Carlos Acu


Nena (Gottfried) Wiley


Mike Wiley


Ellie (DeVotie) Fenton


Thomas Fenton


Penny (Rolston) Donnaviel


Dee Dee Jasper


Kathi [Raun] Hromas


Robert Hatch


Christine Hatch



Henry Bruckner


Linda Bruckner


Diane Luna


Virginia [Kauss] Caudill


David Doherty


Jo-Anne Doherty


Steve Moos


Barbara Moos


Maxine [Ferry] Proskurowski


Alma Julieta Juarez


Mike Scott


Diane Scott


Bill Kaplan


Ann [Bivings] Muffeny


Frank Muffeny


Anne [Tunnell] Felker


Sam Felker


Tom Mansfield


Christine Mansfield


Henry Caballero


Carol Caballero


Nancy [Clark] Buchanan


Paul Bear


Gretchen [Kuehn] Andrews


Paul Hodson


Wendy [Watson] Fershee


Clive Dawson


As of May 24:

Alt Merry 2 AHS
Bivings Ann 2 AHS
Brandon Grant 1 AHS
Broughton Lynne 2 LHS
Bruckner Hank 2 AHS
Bruckner Peter 2 AHS
Buchanan Nancy 2 LHS
Henry Caballero 2 AHS
Candland Bruce 2 AHS
Cohen Greta 1 AHS
Cromwell Rick 1 AHS
Dawson Clive 2 AHS
Devotie Fenton Elly 2 LHS
Doherty Dave 2 LHS
Ferry Maxine 1 AHS
Folgesong Jingle 1 AHS
Gottfried Mario 2 LHS
Gottfried Nena 2 AHS
Hatch Bob 2 AHS
Hattem Victor 1 AHS
Jasper Dee Dee 1 AHS
Juarez Alma 1 AHS
Kaplan Bill 1 AHS
Kauss Gini 1 LHS
Kuehn Gretchen 2 LHS
Lerner Kimmy 1 AHS
Lockwood Leigh 1 AHS
Lukats Sally 1 AHS
Luna Diane 1 AHS
Mansfield Tom 2 CHS
Minge Jim 1 AHS
Michel Bonny 1 AHS
Moos Steve 2 AHS
Mount Tom 1 AHS
Prensky Bill 2 AHS
Raun Kathi 1 AHS
Richardson Bill 2 CHS
Rolston Penny 1 AHS
Scott Mike 2 AHS
Shackleford Betsy 1 CHS
Schultz Ted 1 CHS
Tunnel Anne 2 AHS
Unanue Eduardo 1 AHS
Watson Wendy 1 AHS