Mexico, Fun Facts & Stories

Fellow AHS Alum:  I randomly add to this page what I consider fun facts about Mexico and invite your suggestions.  Also take a look in the photo galleries for what I consider interesting.  Regarding copyright, wherever possible I have tried to indicate copyright owner.  Enjoy!!

Updated February 9, 2021

From the Smithsonian, amateur films from Mexico, 1935-1941, click HERE

Click HERE for scenes of revolutionary Mexico in 1910.

HUH???  Animated history of Mexico, click HERE.

1943 Puebla Travelogue, click HERE.  

History of Mexico in less than 4 minutes, click HERE

All about Mexico in about 15 minutes, click HERE. Charming.

Fictional 66 minute movie, "Escaped criminal "The Fox" hates Hoppy and a Rurales colonel for imprisoning him and lures Cassidy to Mexico in order to exact his vengeance."  Click HERE.

For those of you who thought Cuicuilco was the only circular pyramid in Mexico, click HERE to read about the Guachimontones of Techiutl'an.  Article appeared on .

You have to like trolley cars for this one, click HERE.

Video of Oaxaca in 1939 (U of Pennsylvania is the source), click HERE.

Video of Popo being grouchy in January 2019, click HERE.

Mexico Ciy's most dangerous neighborhoods, click HERE.  When the Bugs were in town, it was whatever neighborhood they were cruising.

Who knew? Museo Nacional de la Muerte, Aguascalientes.  Click HERE or HERE.

Click HERE for a listing of Mexico City homes converted to museums.  How many have you visited?

Click HERE for Interesting story about a house restored and its interesting history.  It is a few blocks from the alameda, but who knew?  Click HERE for Map.

Click HERE for scenes from the 1957 earthquake in Mexico D. F.

Mexico City museums, click HERE.  Polanco, click HERE.  Calakmul, click HERE.  Beautiful Mexico, click HERE.  Guiness world record carpet from Jardines de Mexico, click HERE.  Worlds largest pyramid, click HERE.  Click HERE for 25 beautiful places in Mexico. Construcciones Porfiristas, click HERE