As some of you know, each year I spend several weeks in Mexico City,  Since I am an urbanite (not to be confused with laminite, the photos you get in a new wallet), I love walking old and new sidewalks while gawking through gates and fences..... 

Today I walked up Monte Ararat to Palmas and crossed Sierra Paracaima - which caused some neurons to fire back to the deepest recesses of my brain (not very deep, some would say).  I believe the Martin family lived on the 800 block - Mr. Paul Martin was my baseball coach and father of teammate Kevin.  Sister Drucilla would rightfully be scornful of our model cars and planes and other boyhood tasks.  I remember Drucilla was friends with Diane Burns.  This is where the sadness hits.  Drucilla, Diane, and Kevin are all deceased.  All of them lovely people.

I continued walking up Ararat, left on Palmas, left on Tarahumara (remember the modern church across the street?  Reminds me of Le Courbusier), left on Leona (crossing Teyra where I think Larry Brooks lived, from whom I have had no news in ages), and past what used to be Texas Jims.

Did you know htere was a 4-acre park within 50 meters of Texas Jims?  I didn't, but of course I was in a beer and hamburger-fat induced daze.