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Added August 29, 2015

Diana (Zykofsky) Anhalt 's (Class of '59) fourth poetry collection, Because There Is No Return, will strike a chord with many of us because it's is all about the Mexico we grew up in—the Mexico so many of us remember when we grow nostalgic. You can see it at the address below: 

Lives of Straw by Diana Anhalt
Diana has done it again! "Lives of Straw", just released, continues to revive our senses of life in Mexico. The coffee table collection is looking good! I’m giving this book 5 Stars.
Reviewed by:  Sharon Martins Frisk

Here is what Sharon Martins Fisk says about Diana Anhalt's book:  "Nostalgia... If you’ve ever lived in Mexico, the book Second Skin, by Diana Anhalt, should be on your coffee table ... Just pick it up anytime, read any one poem, and the sights, sounds and aromas will assault your senses in the most delightful and memorable way possible!"  Thank you Sharon for submitting your review!

Check out Diana Anhalt's latest book LIVES OF STRAW on  You can order a copy for $14.00 US plus only $2.49 - to be released January 2014.  You can see info about another book of hers below.

Here is what Diana says,

"Wanted to let you all know that my new chapbook, "Lives of Straw," has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press. Although I left Mexico over three years ago, Mexico doesn’t seem to have noticed, has stuck in its heels, and keeps popping up in my poetry. But, unlike Second Skin, which is concerned with adjustment and displacement, this one deals with survival a la Mexicana—making do in Mexico economically, emotionally and spiritually. It won’t be released by Finishing Line Press until January 25th , but until it is, the publisher has urged me to encourage you to purchase now because pre-purchases determine the press run and that, to a great extent determines the success of the book. You can take a look at:

[I left Mexico decades ago, but Mexico hasn't noticed that either!!! - Leigh]

From Stephanie Wilson:  "After two years of writing and rewriting my novel, the Lives of Things, is now available on Amazon. I would like this fact to be broadcast to the AHS alumni network, if that is possible. People can access my blog to find out about the book and other writings I have published at "





America's Drug Enforcement Airforce: Customs, Coast Guard, Cap, Dea and Dod Airborne Drug Busters (Military Power) [Illustrated] [Paperback]

Nena Wiley  (Author)


Another book from Diana Zykofsky Anhalt:  "A Gathering of Fugitives.  American Political Expatriates in Mexico, 1948-1965."

Received five 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Cultural Writing. "A fascinating exhumation of a little-known group of American communists-idealists, artists, spies and Hollywood types-who migrated to Mexican exile in the late 1940s and 1950s. Diana Anhalt tells their story-and her own-sympathetically but not uncritically"-Dr. Harvey Klehr. "Diane Anhalt's lively personal account introduces us to the heretofore unknown story of this struggling community.It's an important story-and Anhalt tells it well-reminding us of the personal costs that political repression can inflict upon its victims and their families"-Dr. Ellen W. Schrecker.

(From my mentor Corky Cave '60, who sent me a copy.  It must have been fate that made me turn to the poem "Mexican Election."  I don't mean to be cynical, but is it any different in the US?)



Second Skin
By Diana Anhalt Class of '59

When Diana Anhalt was eight years old, her family moved from New York City to Mexico. The twenty poems collected in her chapbook, SECOND SKIN, speak of coming to terms with displacement and succumbing to Mexico’s magic. In time she would wear her second country like a second skin, reveling in its spontaneity, the warmth of its people, its natural beauty, the language. When she returned to the United States sixty years later, she was again faced with a culture that was alien to her. Her poems refer nostalgically to the challenge of shedding her second skin as she readapts to the country of her birth.

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About the Author
A former resident of Mexico—Diana Anhalt’s parents moved there in 1950 in order to escape possible persecution during the McCarthy era­—she now lives in Atlanta. In addition to her poetry, which has appeared in anthologies and literary journals, she is the author of A Gathering of Fugitives: American Political Expatriates in Mexico 1948-1965 (Archer Books); a chapbook, Shiny Objects; and essays and book reviews published in both English and Spanish.

5Second Skin
By Corky Cave
Second Skin is amazingingly wonderul. Anhalt is very gifted. Each poem leaves one with an emotional attachment to that page. The sights, smells, and sounds of Mexico in the 50s is within your grasp on every page. One just doesn't want the book to be finished so quickly. The book experience touches the reader in many ways, all positive.

5Anhalt captures the soul of Mexico
By Suzanne Cane y Olvera
As a long-time American resident of Mexico, I can so easily identify with Anhalt's imagery. She captures the sights and sounds and smells of Mexico so perfectly that one feels dropped into the poetry like a pebble into a puddle. Her use of "Spanglish" truly captures the feeling of someone like me who lives with one foot on each side of the border. Real, sensuous, beautiful.

There was nothing ordinary about Paul Splingaerd´s life after he left Brussels for China in 1865. Paul's adventures over the 41 years he spent in his adopted land read more like fiction than fact, but he really did exist. His great-granddaughter relates the story of his youth, By Anne Splingaerd Megowan '62, The Belgian Mandarin.  Here is an excerpt from a review:  "This is a well written book with great attention to detail that not only gives a look into 19th century China but introduces the reader to a most remarkable man, Paul Splingaerd. His story is both interesting and inspiring. As each chapter unfolded, I looked forward to the next adventure of Paul with eager anticipation. I truly enjoyed this book and recommend it to those who would like an exciting adventure biography. This would make a great movie."

By our every own John Hunt Grassby (class of '60), Calcutta Sunrise.  Grassby was born in Calcutta and moved to Mexico when he was nine, bringing his parents with him.  Always in interested in international affairs in general and specifically the roots, use, and misuse of power, Grassby's book will be released in April 2012 and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and - among other places.

To be released toward the end of 2013 will be Mexico Sunrise - stay tuned.

From Sharon Martins Frisk:

"5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn't put the book down..., May 23, 2013
By Sharon Frisk

Calcutta Sunrise

India is no longer a great mystery to me. Through amazing character development, and fascinating conversations between the various players, Mr. Grassby has given me a very interesting history lesson on the peoples, the religions, the politics, and the philosophies of India primarily, and Asia in general. And all the while, I was totally absorbed in the story line -- a complicated plot complete with deception, duplicity and political intrigue. Mr. Grassby is to be commended on this feat, and I anxiously await the sequel, centered in Mexico.

From Gloria Caballero, '60:  I've published four historical novels under "Gloria Gay". They are: First Season, Forced Offer, Canceled Courtship and Known to All. My paintings are on under: Category: "Art" and Artist: Gloria Caballero