Books About Mexico

Edited version of note from Cindy Tanaka, ASF Alumni Office:

Dear Fellow Alumni,
As you might have read in Focus (no link provided), ASF alumna Kathryn Blair (’38) is supporting the Annual Scholarship Drive (ASD) through her book sales in a special three-month fundraising project (April-June).  Here is a link to her site which includes links to video interviews:
The book has been doing really well and Kathryn has been touring with several presentations anreading in both the U.S. and Mexico. As an ASF alumna I am proud to say that Forging a Nation: The History of Mexico from the Aztecs to the Present is a product of a distinguished and renowned ASF alumna.
Not only is this book a serious approach to Mexican historiography, but it also looks to bridge U.S.-Mexico relations. On top of it all, for every book you purchase through this link, two dollars will be donated to ASD.
It is not common for us to find this kind of partnerships and I urge you to support. Whether it be for sharing the link with a friend, telling other alumni about it or getting serious and reading it!
If you are more technologically inclined, feel free to post it on your Facebook or twitter.
And last but not least, please make time to support and thank our fellow alumna Kathryn for all her wonderful work and un-doubtable commitment to the American School.  Here is how to buy the book:, or better yet stop by Libros, Libros, Libros, Monte Ararat 220 in Lomas Barrilaco.

Another interesting book:

Adventures into Mexico: American tourism beyond the border

 By Nicholas Dagen Bloom