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I was motivated by the suspicion there were some interesting stories and a need for a clearing house for connections.  The site has been successful at both, but I depend on YOU to give this site vitality and relevance.  Don't be one of those who says, "I always meant to write something." 

This site it totally volunteer driven, so if you have a complaint, well, you can imagine my answer to you. I do, however, welcome constructive suggestions.

Please don't ask me to do research like, "My great uncle had a neighbor whose name I forget who attended the ASF in the third grade.  Can you send me his address?"  Just write to the American School Alumni office and ask them to do the research.

We do not rent, sell, or loan any personal information.  Those who join control the amount of personal information publicly or privately available.  If you wish to be delisted from our database, I will do so immediately.  If you worry about your data being shared, don't join.  If you post, please consider the information to be public. 

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I have to give credit to Mike Scott of '66 for giving me the idea to start the site.  I started with '65, but received so many inquiries from other years I decided to cover a 60's decade from the old farts of '59 to the children of '69.

Deepest thanks to those who have contributed and encouraged.  To those who haven't yet done so, it ain't too late.